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Reports to Congress Signed in 2020

Download Reports to Congress signed in 2020.

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File Description Date
Ft. Bliss Hospital Replacement H.R. 2998, HAC Milcon for FY 2018, 115-188, Pg. 27-28 4/27/2020
TRICARE Improper Medical Claims Payments S. 1790, SASC Report for FY 2020, 116-48, Pg. 213-214 4/24/2020
Modification of Requirements for Longitudinal Medical Study of Blast Pressure Exposure of Members of the Armed Forces and Collection of Exposure Information S. 1790, NDAA Conference Report for FY 2020, 116-333, Sec. 742 4/16/2020
Pilot Program on Display of Wait Times in Urgent Care Clinics S. 2943, NDAA Conference and Pharmacies of Military Medical Treatment Facilities Report for FY 2017, Sec. 744(f) 4/13/2020
Advanced Orthopedic Surgical Training H.R. 2968, HAC Report for FY 2020, 116-84 Pg. 313-314 4/13/2020
TRICARE Coverage of Continuous Glucose Monitors S. 1790, SASC Report for FY 2020, 116-48, Pg. 213 4/9/2020
Report on Service Member Discharges Related to Human Immunodeficiency Virus or Hepatitis B H.R. 2500, HASC for FY 2020, 116-120, Pg 164-165 3/13/2020
Report on Requirement for Certain Former Members of the Armed Forces to Enroll in Medicare Part B to be Eligible for TFL; TRICARE Access Study; and Improving Health Care Choices for Severely Injured Service Members H.R. 5515, NDAA Conference Report for FY 2019, 115-874, Sec. 734; H.R. 5515, HASC Report for FY 2019, 115-676 ,Pg. 132; S 2987, SASC Report for FY 2019, 115-262, Pg. 223 3/2/2020
TRICARE Comprehensive Autism Care Demonstration Program FY 2020 S. 2943, SASC Report for FY 2017, 114-255, Pg. 205 2/21/2020
NDAA Section 703 Report to Congress This report provides the Department's recommendations for changes in military treatment facilities to meet the criteria established in 10 U.S.C. § 1073d 2/18/2020
Pilot Program on Incentive Programs to Improve Health Care Provided Under the TRICARE Program S. 1356, NDAA Conference Report for FY 2016, Joint Explanatory Statement Sec. 726 2/18/2020
Standardized System for Scheduling Medical Appointments at MTFs S. 2943 NDAA Conference Report for FY 2017, 114-840, Sec. 709(g) 2/14/2020
Peer-Reviewed Cancer Research Programs H.R. 3219, HAC Report for FY 2018, 115-219, Pg. 281-282 1/28/2020

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