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Military Health System

Signed in 2011

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File Description Date
Genitourinary Trauma in the Military H.R. 111-491, page 316, to accompany H.R. 5136 12/27/2011
Training for Chemical-Biological Casualties H.R. 111-491, page 317, to accompany H.R. 5136 12/27/2011
Department of Defense Health Care Quality Section 723 of the FY 2000 NDAA 12/2/2011
Retired Troops to Nurse Teachers Study Section 955 in H.R. 110-477, to accompany H.R. 1585 12/2/2011
Improvements to Oversight of Medical Training for Medical Corps Officers Section 714 of the FY 2011 NDAA 11/2/2011
Training Curricula for Family Caregivers of Service Members and Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury Section 744 of the FY 2007 NDAA 10/19/2011
Comprehensive Policy on Pain Management by the Military Health Care System Section 711 of the FY 2010 NDAA 10/17/2011
Undergraduate Nurse Training Program Section 525(d)(4) of the FY 2010 NDAA 10/12/2011
Provision of Mental Health Counseling Under TRICARE S.R 111-201, page 147, to accompany S. 3454 10/5/2011
Defense Health Budget Carrryover Funds S.R. 111-295, to accompany S. 3800 10/1/2011
Health Information Technology Organizational Structure and Future Plans Section 715(b) of the FY 2011 NDAA 9/23/2011
Arthritis Prevention H.R. 111-166, page 336, to accompany H.R. 2647 9/9/2011
Development of Non-Addictive Topical Pain Therapeutics H.R. 111-491, page 315, accompanying H.R. 5136 9/9/2011
Outreach Tools Using an Interactive Virtual Agent H.R. 111-491, page 317, accompanying H.R. 5136 9/8/2011
Force Health Protection Quality Assurance Program Section 1073b(a) and (b) of title 10, U.S.C. 9/7/2011
Warrior Transition Unit Risk Assessment and Mitigation Policy Section 716 of the FY 2011 NDAA 9/7/2011
Enhanced Access to Autism Serivces Demonstration Section 732 of the JES, accompanying S. 3001 9/6/2011
Efforts to Achieve More Jointness and Unity of Command in the Military Health System H.R. 109-464, page 41, to accompany H.R. 5385 9/1/2011
Military Health Risk Management Demonstration Project Section 712 of the FY 2009 NDAA 8/31/2011
Chriopractic Clinical Trials ection 725 of the FY 2010 NDAA (PL 111-84) 8/30/2011
Medical Technology and Spectrum Sharing H.R. 111-491, page 317, to accompany H. R. 5136 8/9/2011
Use of Temporary Military Contingency Payment Adjustment for TRICARE Outpatient Prospective Payment System Rates S.R. 111-201, pages 154-156, to accompany S. 3454 8/4/2011
Mental Health Care and Counseling Services Available to Military Children Section 722(a) of the FY 2010 NDAA 7/28/2011
Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders Section 596 of the FY 2010 NDAA 7/27/2011
Feasibility of TRICARE Prime in Certain Commonwealths and Territories of the United States H.R. 111-491, page 316, to accompany H.R. 5136 7/22/2011
Enhanced Access to Autism Services Demonstration Explanatory material to Section 732 of the JES accompanying S. 3001 6/2/2011
Coding Guidance for Traumatic Brain Injury Section 1664 of the FY 2008 NDAA (PL 110-181) 6/1/2011
Expenditures for Activities on Traumatic Brain Injury and Psychological Health, Including PTSD Section 1634(b) of the FY 2008 NDA (PL 111-181) 5/10/2011
Extremity Trauma and Amputation Center of Excellence Section 723 of the FY 2009 NDAA (PL 110-417) 5/10/2011
Administration and Prescription of Psychotrophic Medication for Members of the Armed Forces Section 712 of the FY 2010 NDAA 5/9/2011
Exposure Registry Feasibility Study H.R. 111-491, page 316, accompanying H.R. 5136 5/6/2011
Legal Authorities Required to Develop Additional Training Programs for Mental Health Providers H.R 111-166, page 338, accompanying H.R. 2647 5/6/2011
Standardization of Claims Processing Under TRICARE Program and Medicare Program Section 731 of the FY 2007 NDAA 5/3/2011
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Explanatory Statement, page 370, accompanying H.R. 3326 5/2/2011
Evaluation of the TRICARE Program Section 717 of the FY 1996 NDAA (PL 104-106) 4/27/2011
TRICARE Standard Activities of TRICARE Regional Offices Section 716 of the FY 2006 NDAA 4/27/2011
Medical Centers of Excellence S.R. 111-20, pages 50-51, accompanying S. 1054 4/26/2011
Information Technology: Opportunities Exist to Improve Management of the DoD EHR Initiative Section 715(c) of FY 2011 (PL 111-383) 4/20/2011
Licensing and Credentialing of Providers Serving in Joint Service Facilities and for Telehealth Technologies S.R 111-295, page 184, to accompany S. 3800 3/29/2011
Joint Medical Readiness Oversigh Committee Annual Report Section 731 of FY 2005 NDAA (PL 108-375) 3/25/2011
Inspection of Military Medical Treatment Facilities and Medical Hold Housing Section 3307(a) of PL 110-28 and Section 1648(f) of FY 2008 NDAA (PL 110-181 ) 3/23/2011
Mental Health Assessments for Members of the Armed Forces Deployed in Support of a Contingency Operation Section 708 of the FY 2010 NDAA (PL 110-84) 3/21/2011
Evaluation of the TRICARE Program Fiscal Year 2011 Report to Congress Section 717 of the FY 1996 NDAA (PL 104-106) 2/28/2011
Requirements for Support of Military Treatment Facilities by Civilian Contractors under TRICARE Section 732 of the FY 2007 NDAA (PL 109-364) 2/25/2011
2010 DoD VA Annual Report to Congress PL 97-174 and PL 108-136 2/1/2011
Mental Health Personnel Required to Meet Mental Health Care Needs of Service Members, Retired Members and Dependents Section 714 of the FY 2010 NDAA 2/1/2011
Organizational Structure of the ASD(HA) and the TRICARE Management Activity Section 902 of the FY 2010 NDAA (PL 111-84) 2/1/2011
Study and Plan to Improve Military Health Care - Follow Up Report Section 721 (e)(2) of the FY 2010 NDAA (PL. 111-84) 1/21/2011
Electronic Health Record: Stabilization, Modernization, and Funding Sources HAC Report 111-230, to accompany H.R. 3326 1/7/2011
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