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Military Health System

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Hospital Incident Command System Course

Format: Resident, Exportable

Hospital Incident Command System is an incident command system designed for hospitals and intended for use in both emergency and non-emergency situations. It provides hospitals of all sizes with tools needed to advance their emergency preparedness and response capability—both individually and as members of the broader response community

HICS is a 2-day course that provides attendees the tools necessary to ensure the safety of patients, personnel, the facility, and ensure business continuity, financial recovery, as well restoration of “normal” operations. HICS serves as an instructional program, providing the foundation for attendees to teach their respective military hospitals and clinics an Introduction to Hospital Incident Command System. 

Compliance with the National Incident Management System is a condition for any health care organization receiving federal assistance.

  • Using ICS concepts and principles enables organizations to meet one component of NIMS compliance and promotes collaborative participation in a larger, national system.
  • NIMS promotes a coordinated effort among all primary and secondary response agencies to better prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from events and incidents.

As of FY24, HICS is a pre-requisite for the Public Health Emergency Management - Basic course. HICS will be taught the two working days prior to all Public Health Emergency Management courses.

  • If you have NOT attended PHEMC – Basic, you are required to attend HICS before attending PHEMC – Basic.
  • HICS is an exportable course. Please email the course contact for further information.

Courses Pre-Requisites

You can complete these courses online or attend an in-resident course.

  • IS-100 Introduction to ICS
  • IS-120: An Introduction to Exercises
  • IS-200 ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
  • IS-700 NIMS, An Introduction
  • IS-800 National Response Framework

Applying for a course

  • For Navy PHEO or MEM nominations, please contact the Navy Service Lead.
  • For Army MEM nominations, please contact the Army MEM Service Lead.
  • For Army PHEO nominations, please contact the Army PHEO Service Lead.
  • For Air Force nominations, please contact your Unit Medical Readiness Office. The Unit MRO forwards their candidates to their respective MAJCOM/NAF MRO, and the MAJCOM/NAF MRO forwards their list of nominees directly to AFMRA/SG3XT, USAF Mailbox. Air Force nominations sent directly to DMRTI will be forwarded to AFMRA/SG3XT.
  • For all other nominations, please contact the DMRTI Contingency Operations Program.
  • To self-nominate or enroll, click on the link for the course you would like to attend. Links are specific for that course and date.

Note: Nominations for this course close 60 days prior to course date. If you would like to enroll after the closing date; please contact your service representative.

 Upcoming Courses

Dates Locations Nomination/Enrollment
Jan. 25-26, 2024 JBSA, Ft. Sam Houston, TX  Click here to Nominate/Enroll in this course
Feb, 22-23, 2024 Bethesda, MD
 Click here to Nominate/Enroll in this course
April 18-19, 2024 JBSA, Ft. Sam Houston, TX  Click here to Nominate/Enroll in this course
May 30-31, 2024 TBD
 Click here to Nominate/Enroll in this course
July 11-12, 2024 TBD  Click here to Nominate/Enroll in this course
Aug. 8-9, 2024
Bethesda, MD  Click here to Nominate/Enroll in this course

Last Updated: November 08, 2023
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