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M2 Functional References and Specifications

The tables below list all the available M2 functional specifications. Versions are identified by the date listed below and correlate to the date and version number in the footer of the specification document itself.

To access a particular specification, click on the file hyperlink for that specification.

Scope: Current System

File Date
M2 Current Ancillary Laboratory 10/8/2018
M2 Current Ancillary Radiology 10/8/2018
M2 Current Laboratory Ancillary and CADRE Summary 12/31/2019
M2 Current Radiology Ancillary and CADRE Summary 12/31/2019
M2 Current Appointment Data 6/24/2021
M2 Current CADRE Laboratory 9/22/2020
M2 Current CADRE Radiology 9/22/2020
M2 Current CAPER 6/19/2020
M2 Current CAPER Summary 12/14/2017
M2 Current Case Management 6/29/2021
M2 Current CDR Vitals 8/27/2017
M2 Current Classes of Variables 8/7/2001
M2 Current Completion Factors 7/2/2007
M2 Current Contingency Tracking System 7/13/2012
M2 Current Data Access 4/29/2003
M2 Current DEERS Person Detail 7/31/2019
M2 Current Dental DC 6/30/2021
M2 Current Dental PC 11/20/2013
M2 Current DMIS ID Index 7/28/2020
M2 Current Genesis Immunization 7/9/2018
M2 Current Genesis Nurse Unit Location File 7/18/2019
M2 Current HCDP Table 6/19/2012
M2 Current HCPR 8/7/2001
M2 Current HCSR I Summary 5/15/2006
M2 Current HCSR NI 1/16/2007
M2 Current HCSR NI Summary 5/15/2006
M2 Current Health Risk 8/6/2014
M2 Current Healthcare Coding Reference Tables 12/15/2017
M2 Current IIW 10/8/2018
M2 Current Levels of Access 4/24/2006
M2 Current Longitudinal Eligibility 4/5/2018
M2 Current Longitudinal Enrollment 3/22/2004
M2 Current Longitudinal Relationship 6/29/2007
M2 Current Master Person Index MPI 7/13/2012
M2 Current MCFAS 2/10/2011
M2 Current MEPRS 6/30/2020
M2 Current MEPRS Personnel Detail 5/20/2021
M2 Current MEPRS Reference Table 5/20/2021
M2 Current NPI Directory 11/27/2017
M2 Current Omni CAD and Markets 5/23/2006
M2 Current PDTS 9/22/2020
M2 Current PDTS Summary 12/19/2019
M2 Current Pharmacy Reference ID Table 12/14/2017
M2 Current Population Summary 10/8/2018
M2 Current Referral Table 10/24/2019
M2 Current Reservist Table 11/1/2013
M2 Current SADR 5/16/2012
M2 Current SADR Summary 11/25/2013
M2 Current SIDR 6/18/2020
M2 Current TED-I 10/13/2017
M2 Current TED I Summary 3/17/2016
M2 Current TED NI 10/13/2017
M2 Current TED NI Summary 3/17/2016
M2 Current TEDPR 8/25/2011
M2 Current TRICARE Relationship Detail 2/16/2015
M2 Current TRICARE Relationship Summary 2/1/2018
M2 Current Worldwide Workload Report 2/29/2016

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