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During a tornado, people face hazards from extremely high winds and risk being struck by flying and falling objects. After a tornado, the wreckage left behind poses additional injury risks. Although nothing can be done to prevent tornadoes, there are actions we can take for your health and safety. Use these messages and graphics to communicate about tornadoes.

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Tornado Messages

Approved Graphics

The graphics provided here are to communicate about Tornadoes.

Disaster Referral Waiver

Plan. Prepare. Protect. Tornado icon. Natural Disaster Resource Guide. What is a Primary Care Manager (PCM) referral waiver? What is a PCM referral waiver? If you have TRICARE Prime, your PCM provides most of your care. If you see a TRICARE-authorized specialty provider without a referral, you have to pay Point-of-Service (POS) charges. During or after a disaster, you may experience difficulties getting a referral from your PCM and authorization from the regional contractor. To promote access to needed services and prevent TRICARE Prime enrollees from having to pay POS charges when they are evacuated during a natural disaster, a blanket referral waiver may be issued. This means that you don’t have to get a referral from your PCM, as you normally would, to go see a TRICARE-authorized provider. Be ready at a moment’s notice. Visit: TRICARE logo.

Essential Resources

Plan. Prepare. Protect. Natural Resource Guide. Tornado essential resources. Get your up-to-date, critical information that may affect your health benefits: Bookmark for alerts and benefit updates at Sign up for email alerts. Follow us for real-time updates via social media @TRICARE. Get the info you need, when you need it! When a State of Emergency is issued, TRICARE may authorize early prescription refills for referrals or other disaster-related benefits. Not sure if you need care? The Nurse Advice Line is available to you 24/7. Contact them to: ask urgent care questions, talk to a nurse, get health care advice anywhere and while traveling, find a doctor, learn how to get care, schedule appointments for military treatment facilities TRICARE Prime beneficiaries, access a secure summary of your care, get an online “sick slip.” Urgent care is also available during a disaster. Urgent care is care you need for a non-emergency. This can help treat a condition that doesn’t threaten life, limb, or eyesight, or needs attention before it becomes a serious risk to health. If you’re not sure if you need urgent care, call the Nurse Advice Line. They can schedule appointments at a military hospital or clinic or direct you to a network provider. Are you on active duty? You need a referral for urgent care in most cases. Please contact your primary care manager or regional contractor before you seek care: Be ready at a moment’s notice. Visit: TRICARE logo.

Getting Emergency Prescription Refills

Plan. Prepare. Protect. Natural resources guide. Tornado icon. Getting emergency prescription refills. Sometimes, TRICARE will authorize emergency prescription refills. If authorized, take your prescription bottle to any TRICARE retail network pharmacy. To find a network pharmacy: call 1-877-363-1303 or visit Here are some tips: go to the same pharmacy where you filled the prescription, if possible; if you use a retail chain, go to another pharmacy in that chain, ask your doctor to call in a new prescription, if available. Be ready at a moment’s notice. Visit:

Preparing for a Tornado

Plan. Prepare. Protect. Natural Resources Guide. Preparing for a tornado. Tornadoes can occur unexpectedly. It’s best to plan ahead, so you’re prepared at a moment’s notice. Prepare an emergency kit and include: first aid kit, batteries, and medications. Don’t forget the needs of your pets! Keep your kit in a spot you can get to quickly. Watch for the warning signs: watch the news or listen to radio reporting for weather updates; if you see a dark green sky, large hail, or hear a loud roar that sounds like a freight train, a tornado is approaching; identify a safe location to seek cover. Seek shelter: go to the basement or lowest level of your home and stay away from windows and doors; bring your emergency kit, and protect your head with an object or with your arms. Be ready at a moment’s notice. Visit: TRICARE logo.

Last Updated: September 27, 2022
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