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Military Health System

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Brain Injury Awareness Month

Be a Brain Warrior: Protect, Treat, Optimize

The Department of Defense commits to the protection, and the health and well-being of our people to maximize our ability to defend the nation. Brain health is critical to overall mission readiness. Service members should learn the causes and symptoms of traumatic brain injury, or commonly known as TBI. Knowing when to seek care contributes to overall brain health. Even a mild TBI can have long-lasting effects and may affect whether a service member is ready to deploy if not diagnosed and treated.

In 2023, DHA launched the Warfighter Brain Health Hub, providing a single source for brain health resources from across the Military Health System.

DHA encourages health care providers to learn about TBI diagnosis and treatment protocols, while also encouraging service members to make sure they understand the risks, signs, and impacts of TBI, throughout their military careers.


Message for Communicators

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Graphics for BIAM Awareness

Please download and share these graphics and suggested social media content on your own social media channels to participate in the conversation on TBI awareness. Feel free to use the images that best reflect the service components supported by your MTF and installation and pick the social copy you prefer to accompany that image.

To download high-res versions of the graphics, click on the image below, and click on the “open” button on the page that opens. Then, you can right click the image and select “save image as” and you will have the best quality version to use on your own channel.

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Last Updated: February 06, 2024
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