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Military Health System

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Dental Health

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Dental Health Awareness

Dental health is critical to overall health. Many service members may not be aware of the impact their oral health can have, so in February, we will remind them of the connection between dental care and their overall health and readiness. There are simple habits and practices to greatly improve dental health and lower the risk of chronic disease.

Dental Health is Mission Critical

Message to Communicators

  • The health of the teeth and the rest of the mouth can profoundly affect general heath. Maintaining dental health will enhance your quality of life.
  • Oral problems - such as cavities, gum abscesses, gum disease, and bad breath - can affect your overall well-being.
  • Dental Preventive Care Fitness is your ability to sustain your health and wellness and facilitate restoration to meet dental standards for fitness for duty, return to duty, and medical readiness.

Talking Points

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Impact on Readiness

Preventive Care


Graphics and Social Media Content

Download and share any of these graphics and social media messages on your platforms. Tailor as needed to share locally!

Dental Health Awareness

Suggested social media message: Dental and oral health is critical to overall readiness, and poor dental hygiene and preventive practices can impact deployability. #dentalhealth

Suggested social media message: A force that is not dentally prepared may see a fivefold increase in deployed dental emergencies. Regular dental care is needed to maintain readiness and deployability. #dentalhealth

Dental Health Awareness. Reminder - Make Dentist Appointment

Suggested social media message: Keep yourself mission ready by taking care of your teeth. Schedule your dental appointment to maintain readiness.  #dentalhealth

Dental Health Awareness. Reminder - Make Dentist Appointment

Suggested social media message: Dental care isn't just about your kids - don't put off your own care. Schedule your trip to the dentist. #dentalhealth

Dental Health Awareness

Suggested social media message: Brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and annual dental checkups are all critical to sustain dental health. #dentalhealth

Dental Health Awareness. Things to do in your birthday month? Reminder - Make Dentist Appointment

Suggested social media message: Things to do on your birthday:

  1. Eat cake.
  2. Brush your teeth.
  3. Make your annual dentist appointment.


Dental Health Reminder: Avoid Tobacco to Protect Your Teeth

Suggested social media message: Cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and other forms of tobacco cause oral cancer, gum disease, and other oral health problems. Avoid using tobacco to maintain your oral health. #dentalhealth

Dental Health Awareness. Reminder - Avoid sugary foods and drinks to protect your teeth

Suggested social media message: Drinks and foods high in sugar can lead to damage to your teeth. Skip the soda to protect your teeth. #dentalhealth

Dental Health Awareness

Suggested social media message: Dental health is a big part of your preventive health care in maintaining readiness. Visit the Total Force Fitness Page to take the first steps to preventive #dentalhealth. #TFF

Dental Health Awareness. Things to do in your birthday month? Reminder - Make Dentist Appointment

Suggested social media message: Is your birthday this month? Happy birthday! Now is the perfect time to schedule your dentist appointment #dentalhealth

Dental Health Awareness. Things to do in your birthday month? Reminder - Make dentist appointment

Suggested social media message: DYK: Your birth month is the perfect time to make your yearly appointments - don't neglect your teeth and make your dentist appointment this month.

Dental Health Awareness. Things you shouldn't use your teeth for: Open packages or bottles

Suggested social media message: Your teeth are your tools for eating - not opening bottles or packages. Stick to using your hands to open containers.#dentalhealth

Dental Health Awareness. Dental Statistics: Military jaw pain, Recruiting, Rate of deployed dental emergencies, Non-combat injury rate

Suggested social media message: Dental Did You Know? Dental issues can negatively impact your deployability. Stay mission ready and keep on top of your dental care. #dentalhealth

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Last Updated: August 08, 2022
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