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Military Health System

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Walk-In Contraceptive Services Toolkit

The Defense Health Agency developed this digital toolkit to help you communicate with active duty service members and eligible beneficiaries about Walk-in Contraceptive Services. The toolkit gives you the information and resources to conduct a local education campaign to educate service members and patients in your geographic area about the new Walk-In Contraceptive Service areas when it comes online. 


Walk-in Contraceptive Services are a resource within a military hospital or clinic where patients can get comprehensive contraceptive care in a single visit. This is a place where you can discuss your reproductive questions, goals, and challenges, and your contraception needs with a medical provider. Together you can decide how to your reproductive needs. This service is designed as a convenient single visit to reduce referrals and multiple appointments. 

The goal of Walk-in Contraceptive Services is to support the overall wellbeing of the force and optimize warrior readiness and pregnancy planning. Walk-in Contraceptive Services include the provision of full scope, contraception related care for all active duty service members and for eligible beneficiaries capable of becoming pregnant (e.g., women, transgender males, non-binary individuals, etc.) on a space-available basis.

Videos to Share: 

Walk-in Contraceptive Services

Suggested Social Media Message: Find location and hours for Walk-in Contraceptive Services by checking your military hospital or clinic website, or visit to find additional locations and hours.

Walk-in Contraceptive Services (Instagram Reel)

Suggested Social Media Message: Visit for more information on how to access Walk-in Contraceptive Services.

Key Messages & Talking Points

See below for key messages and talking points for communicators. Use these to develop and tailor local messaging for your community.

Messages for Communicators

Talking Points

Graphics & Social Media Messages

Use these graphics and suggested social media messages on your various social media sites. Feel free to tailor messages as needed for your local audience.

Coming Soon: Walk-in Contraceptive Services

Suggested Social Media Message: Walk-in Contraceptive Services. Visit TRICARE.milTRICARE webpage to find out how and where to access them.

What are Walk-in Contraceptive Services

Suggested Social Media Message: Visit TRICARE.milTRICARE webpage for more information on Walk-in Contraceptive Services.

Who Can Use Walk-in Contraceptive Services

Suggested Social Media Message: Find out what Walk-in Contraceptive Services are available to you. Visit TRICARE.milTRICARE webpage.

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Last Updated: November 28, 2022
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