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Military Health System

Clear Your Browser Cache

This website has recently undergone changes. Users finding unexpected concerns may care to clear their browser's cache to ensure a seamless experience.

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User Experience

If you're having issues navigating the website or can't access or download resources, the tips and tools on this page will help improve your experience.

Clearing Your Browser Cache

Internet browsers will cache (or save) parts of webpages you visit, such as images or forms, to help them load faster and make your browsing experience better. This is a positive feature, but it can sometimes cause issues when a website is updated. The cached parts saved in your browser can conflict with the updated parts on the page you’re visiting, causing the page to not look or function correctly. You can fix these issues by clearing your browser’s cached data.

Follow the instructions below to clear the cache for the specific browser you’re using.









Last Updated: December 13, 2023
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