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Mental Health for Youth, Teens, and Young Adults

In childhood, mental wellness contributes to resiliency and social skills, and is critical to reaching developmental and emotional milestones. The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that pediatric depression and anxiety doubled during the pandemic. 

  • Parents and caregivers should treat mental health the same as physical health, and seek help early and preventively for their children.
  • TRICARE covers mental health services, including delivering services through telehealth.
  • TRICARE beneficiaries have options for where and how they get medical and non-medical mental health care.

Key Messages



What To Look For


TRICARE Mental Health Care


Military OneSource Non-Medical Counseling

Video: Seek Mental Health with TRICARE

Other Resources

This toolkit provides graphics you can use on your digital and social media platforms. Use the materials in this toolkit to educate and empower beneficiaries.


This graphic is an image of a yellow, amorphous blob with its arm around an orange blob with a sad face, comforting it.

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Last Updated: October 02, 2023
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