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EACE Journal Publications: Fiscal Year 2022

Following is a summary of published results in Fiscal Year 2022 for several key research initiatives and focused research efforts.


Trunk muscle forces and spinal loads while walking in persons with lower limb amputation: Influences of chronic low back pain.


Development of a high-color flow cytometry panel for immunologic analysis of tissue injury and reconstruction in a rat model.


The relationship between residual limb health, motion within the socket, and prosthetic suspension


Low back pain influences lumbar-lower limb joint coordination and balance control during standing in persons with lower limb loss


Biomechanical comparison of anatomic restoration of the ulnar footprint vs traditional ulnar tunnels in ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction


Back squat mechanics in persons with a unilateral transtibial amputation: A case study


The management of upper limb amputation rehabilitation: Synopsis of the 2022 U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and U.S. Department of Defense Clinical Practice Guideline...


The impact of bilateral injuries on the pathophysiology and functional outcomes of volumetric muscle loss


Retrospective characterization of a rat model of volumetric muscle loss


Evaluating the potential use of functional fibrosis to facilitate improved outcomes following volumetric muscle loss injury


Relationship between phantom limb pain, function, and psychosocial health in individuals with lower limb loss


Efficacy of non-surgical interventions for promoting improved functional outcomes following acute compartment syndrome: A systematic review


Optimizing the impact of pragmatic clinical trials for veteran and military populations: Lessons from the Pain Management Collaboratory


Toward developing a powered ankle-foot prosthesis with electromyographic control to enhance functional performance: A case study in a U.S. Service member


Toward improving residual limb climate within prostheses for persons with lower limb loss: A technical note


Functional performance outcomes of a powered knee-ankle prosthesis in service members with unilateral transfemoral limb loss


Biomechanical accommodation to walking with an ankle–foot prosthesis: An exploratory analysis of novice users with transtibial limb loss within the first year of ambulation


Influence of graft type on lower extremity functional test performance and failure rate after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction


Overall greater demands on the musculoskeletal system at multiple walking speeds in service members with lower limb loss


A comprehensive, multidisciplinary assessment for knee osteoarthritis following traumatic unilateral lower limb loss in service members


Ankle sprain bracing solutions and future design consideration for civilian and military use

Last Updated: August 18, 2023
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