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Military Health System

Important Notice about Pharmacy Operations

Change Healthcare Cyberattack Impact on MHS Pharmacy Operations. Read the statement to learn more. 

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Real Warriors: Protect

Real Warriors: Protect

Practice just a few of these habits daily to protect against stress.

  • Exercise: Physical exercise influences brain and body health and may help reduce the cumulative effects of stress.7
  • Balanced nutrition: Nutrients from our diet directly impact the growth and repair of brain cell and fuel our ability to cope with physical and emotional stressors. 1, 2
  • Quality sleep: Quality sleep is healing and restorative which enhances our cognitive and physical health and our ability to manage stress. 5, 9
  • Relaxation and meditation practices: Daily practice promotes a state of relaxation, enhances positive wellbeing, and can enhance physical and mental health for stress management. 3, 4
  • Setting goals: Helps to reduce stress hormones and may increase a sense of control and accomplishment.8
  • Positive perspective: Provides hope and helps us keep us moving forward.8
  • Social supports: Connection with others helps to reduce stress, and may increase mental wellbeing and positive experiences.8


Last Updated: December 04, 2023
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