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Clinical Affairs

We serve to foster the ultimate goal of full restoration of normal human function for our beneficiaries with extremity trauma and amputation. This goal will take decades to achieve. Until then, DOD will strive to achieve:

Individualized, optimized functional outcomes that are driven by patient goals and supported through a whole person transdisciplinary health care team approach.

Patient and Caregiver Information

Access to Care

Facility  Number 
Walter Reed Amputation Care Coordinator 1-301-400-1482 or 1-301-295-8958
Naval Medical Center San Diego Patient Administration 1-619-532-8318
San Antonio Military Medical Center Patient Administration 1-210-916-2733

Medical Provider Information

Best Practices

DoD/VA Clinical Practice Guidelines

LUKE Arm Clinical Guidance

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2017 VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guideline: Rehabilitation of Individuals with Lower Limb Amputation


This presentation discusses the clinical practice guidelines for the rehabilitation of individuals with lower limb amputation.

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Clinical Affairs

DoD Amputation Care Network - ECHO


At the conclusion of this series, the participants will be able to: apply information on clinical guidelines, best practices, new clinical developments; use and maintain clinical competencies previously acquire; and engage with clinicians involved in amputation care to foster a knowledge sharing network both during and outside the Amputation Care ECHO sessions.

Recommended Content:

Clinical Affairs
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