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Pharmaceutical Manufacturers: Contact Us - TRICARE Retail Refund Website (TRRWS)

TRICARE Retail Refund Website


Why do I need an account on the TRICARE Retail Refund Website (TRRWS)?


  • TRRWS accounts are used to maintain up-to-date Manufacturer contact information, to identify appropriate point of contact (POC) and provide them with secure access to TRICARE Retail Refund Program data; as well as delivery of program correspondence and quarterly utilization data. All Manufacturers must maintain up to date contact information using the Manufacturer Questionnaire within TRRWS.
  • To view and retrieve TRICARE Retail Refund Program data directly from the TRRWS.


Who can have access to TRRWS?


  • All manufacturer POCs should maintain an active account on TRRWS.


Who can be assigned as a Manufacturer POC on TRRWS?


  • There can only be 3 POCs assigned per Labeler (1 Primary and 2 Alternate POCs).
  • Manufacturers will provide Primary and Alternate POCs as well as any changes or updates that have occurred to the contact information in a timely manner to maintain access to Manufacturer data.
  • Third-party consultants may not be listed as the Primary POC.
  • Only Manufacturer POCs currently assigned to labelers within TRRWS will be able to retrieve or discuss a Manufacturers’ proprietary information with the TRICARE Retail Refund Team (TRRT).
  • Note: Effective July 2020, any Manufacturer/Third Party Shared or Group Emails will NOT be allowed to be listed as a POC on the TRRWS.


How do I obtain my account on TRRWS?


Follow these steps:

  1. Go to TRRWS (
  2. Select the “Request New User Account” link and complete the form. 
  3. A TRRT member will review and process your request for access. 
  4. You may only request one (1) labeler for initial login; additional labeler requests may be submitted once your access to the site has been approved.

For more information please refer to the TRRWS Manufacturer User Guide located on our Information for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers page under Operational Documents.


How do I obtain access to additional Manufacturer Labelers on TRRWS


Follow these steps:

  1. Log into the TRRWS.
  2. Click “Request Labeler Access”.
  3. Request labeler access on TRRWS by submitting the six digit labeler code of your requested Manufacturer including the alpha character (X#####).  
  4. An email will be sent to the assigned Primary POC and to the TRRT for review. 
  5. You will receive an email when your access has been approved

Please see the TRRWS Manufacturer User Guide located on the Information for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers page under Operational Documents for additional details. 


How will I know my quarterly utilization data files are available on the TRRWS?


  • A notification email will be sent from TRRWS Support (
  • TRRP correspondence will only be sent to the Manufacturer POCs currently assigned on TRRWS.
  •  For more information regarding the billing schedule please refer to the Information on the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Page.

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Last Updated: February 27, 2024
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