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Military Health System

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Virtual Health: Appointment Guidance

Appointment Guidance


How do I sign up?


Generally, there is no requirement to sign up for virtual services, but it is best to check with your military hospital or clinic. Your facility staff may also wish to confirm that you have appropriate equipment to participate in virtual visits. 


How can a health care professional care for me without seeing me in person?


Many health care interactions can be done virtually when a professional can see or speak with you. If a physical exam is needed, the health care professional may request that they see you in person. 


What time can I have a virtual health appointment with my provider?


Appointment times vary, much like in-person appointments. When scheduling your visit, staff will let you know if virtual appointments are available. 


What kind of services are available virtually?


There are many different virtual health services, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Primary care appointments (including items like medication refills, lab result reviews, contraceptive counseling, aches and pains, minor skin conditions, minor respiratory illness, and more)
  • Behavioral health counseling appointments
  • Follow-up appointments for surgeries or other procedures
  • Appointments for many other medical and surgical specialties

Check with your MTF staff to see what conditions they treat virtually. 

Last Updated: February 27, 2024
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