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Briefs and Huddles Toolkit

Description of Toolkit

The benefits of team events like briefs and huddles are documented. Briefs, or briefings, are planning events that occur before a case (for example, in the operating room), a shift, a procedure, a day in the clinic/office, or before an intervention. The brief allows the team leader to explain what is going to happen, cover pertinent contingencies, get input from each member of the team (including the patient), and ensure that each team member knows his or her roles and responsibilities.

Huddles are team events for problem solving and updating the plan. Anyone can call for a huddle to deal with new issues, added complexities, unusual circumstances, or any need to adapt the earlier plan. Huddles occur frequently throughout the health care system and many times throughout the day.

Briefs and huddles can be used in virtually any health care venue.

The Briefs and Huddles Toolkit contains everything you need to implement briefs and huddles in your health care organization. The toolkit includes:

  • Toolkit Overview.
  • Toolkit User Guide.
  • Briefs and Huddles Facilitation Guide.
  • Briefs and Huddles Facilitation Slides.
  • Handout.
  • Briefs and Huddles Quick Review.
  • Additional Resources.
  • Action Planning Guide.
  • Toolkit Evaluation Form.

Request the Briefs and Huddles Toolkit

Description of Tools

Briefs and Huddles Facilitation Guide

A guide with teaching points and exercises that can be used to facilitate a live session.

Briefs and Huddles Facilitation Slides

A PowerPoint presentation that can be used in conjunction with the Briefs and Huddles Facilitation Guide; it includes video clips and case study exercises.


A printed version of the Briefs and Huddles Facilitation Slides with space for participant notes.

Briefs and Huddles Quick Review

A one-page handout summarizing the topic.

Additional Resources

A list of additional resources and an accompanying folder that includes articles, checklists, and a pocket card and poster that can be printed and laminated.

Action Planning Guide

Step-by-step instructions for implementing briefs and huddles and other Click to closeTeamSTEPPSTeam Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (TeamSTEPPS) is an evidence-based teamwork system designed to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare. TeamSTEPPS consists of a collection of instructions, materials and tools to help drive a successful teamwork initiative from the initial planning to implementation through to sustainment. The system is designed to improve patient safety using a three-phase approach: Phase I Assessment: Facility determines organizational readiness; Phase II Planning, Training & Implementation: Facility “decides what to do” and “makes it happen;” and Phase III Sustainment: Facility spreads the improvements in teamwork performance, clinical processes and outcomes resulting from the TeamSTEPPS initiative.TeamSTEPPS® tools within health care organizations.

Last Updated: July 11, 2023
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