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Reserve Health Readiness Program: General

General Questions

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Reserve Health Readiness Program | Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Reserve Health Readiness Program?


The Defense Health Agency's RHRP provides the following services to Active Duty (enrolled in TRICARE Prime Remote) and Reserve Component service members:

  • Individual medical readiness
  • Dental readiness
  • Deployment health services

These service members are geographically remote from military hospitals, clinics, and authorized medical units. They can’t meet time, space, or quantity requirements. The RHRP provides in-clinic appointments to individual service members through our nationwide network of civilian medical and dental. 


Does the RHRP also serve active duty service members?


RHRP provides the following services to active duty service members enrolled in TRICARE Prime Remote:

  • Post-deployment Health Reassessment
  • Periodic Health Assessment
  • Individual Medical Readiness


Does the RHRP also serve DOD civilians?


RHRP conducts PDHRA assessments for Army Corps of Engineers and Materiel Command civilians who have returned from deployment.


How do I get records updated if dental or immunization services were not performed by RHRP?


For USAR service members, please log into LHI.Care and select the Request Records Update button on the bottom of the home page once you have logged in. Either a scanned image or a photo of the record can be used. Clicking on the appropriate service will provide a list of minimum requirements needed on the documentation. Form validation is built into the process to ensure the proper collection of all information that is needed to update the Army system(s). 

For USAR Unit Leadership, please go to and complete the website information required for submission of information. Either a scanned image or a photo of the record can be used. Clicking on the appropriate service will provide a list of minimum requirements needed on the documentation.

For all other Components, contact your unit for guidance on how to update your records.


What's the difference between a vision screening and an eyewear exam?


Vision screening will determine if you need prescription eyewear. An eyewear exam is to determine the needed prescription and fill the prescription (two pair and mask inserts).


What constitutes a no-show?


A no-show is when a Service member misses an appointment or does not call RHRP at least 24 hours prior to the appointment to cancel or reschedule the appointment.


What should I do if I have a concern about RHRP services?


Let RHRP know. You can do that by:

  • Filling out a customer satisfaction survey
  • Going through your command structure
  • Contacting RHRP via email:


Is there a cost for RHRP services?


There is no cost to you for authorized services. RHRP services are paid for by your Service Component. If you have specific questions about costs or charges, please contact your medical readiness coordinator.

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Last Updated: March 23, 2023
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