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Military Health System

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UBO Standard Insurance Table / Other Health Insurance

Profiles and Health Plans

With the implementation of MHS GENESIS, standard Cerner Joint Insurance Health Plans will replace the current insurance health plan selection with Health Insurance Carrier Identification for non-Pharmacy. Pharmacy health plans will be a combination of HIC-ID format and JIHP format. All medical, dental and vision plans will be new JIHP format and will be housed in BedRock, the Cerner database with insurance health plans. The health plans are managed in partnership with Veteran’s Affairs and Department of Defense as a shared database. 

Other Health Insurance refers to other health insurance policies that DOD beneficiaries or non-beneficiaries, excluding active-duty, may carry, representing potential collections for the Third Party Collections Program under United States Code, Title 10, Section 1095. OHI data refers to information about a patient's policy, like the policy name and number, coverage type, and effective dates. The information is used to properly route a health care claim sent to the OHI carrier.

DOD Third Party Collections Program activities involve the billing of health insurance plans on behalf of beneficiaries for both inpatient and outpatient treatment provided at a military hospital or clinic, or dental treatment facility. MHS GENESIS checks patients' eligibility for military health care against DEERS.

Submitting a Request for a New Health Plan

Please send all DHA UBO requests for updates or to add a new health plan in RevenueCycle, to:

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Last Updated: April 26, 2024
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