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Survey of Health-Related Behaviors

The DoD Survey of Health Related Behaviors has been the predominate source of health behavior information for the military since 1980. The purpose of this population based survey is to continue to assess trends in a wide range of health behaviors in the military. The study assessed the prevalence of drug, alcohol and tobacco use, and assessed progress toward meeting Healthy People 2020 objectives. The survey also assessed general health status, mental health status, and access to, and utilization of, physical health and mental health services. Questions on special topics such as gender-specific issues, oral health, and deployment will be included.

Active Duty Service Members

Reserve Component

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2018 Health-Related Behaviors Survey helps shape military health

Individuals across both active duty and reserve components will be randomly selected to complete the 2018 Health-Related Behaviors Survey. Information and data from the results helps shape health policies and programs to improve force health and readiness. (MHS graphic)

Randomly selected service members can complete the survey by referencing the invitation for a specific web address and user code

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Survey of Health-Related Behaviors
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