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U.S. Demolition Operations at the Khamisiyah Ammunition Storage Point: April 14, 1997

Many veterans of the Gulf War have been experiencing a variety of physical symptoms, collectively called Gulf War illnesses. In response to veterans' concerns, the Department of Defense established a task force in June 1995 to investigate all possible causes. On Nov. 12, 1996, responsibility for these investigations was assumed by the Investigation and Analysis Directorate (IAD), Office of the Special Assistant for Gulf War Illnesses (OSAGWI) which has continued to investigate the events that occurred at Khamisiyah. Its interim report is contained here. In addition, the Army Inspector General was directed by the Secretary of the Army on Sept. 25, 1996 to conduct an investigation into Army operations at Khamisiyah, and the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Oversight was directed by the Deputy Secretary of Defense on Sept. 25, 1996 to review what the intelligence communities knew concerning Khamisiyah. These independent efforts have not yet been completed and may shed additional light on events at Khamisiyah.

As part of the effort to inform the public about the progress of this effort, DOD is publishing on the Internet and elsewhere accounts related to possible causes of Gulf War illnesses, along with whatever documentary evidence or personal testimony was used in compiling the account. The narrative that follows is the first such account.



The story of the Khamisiyah Ammunition Storage Point or ASP has three parts: the efforts of U.S. forces to destroy Khamisiyah, the inspection of the site by the United Nations Special Commission or UNSCOM, and the public inquiry into the events that occurred there, "what we knew, and when we knew it:"

The Destruction of Khamisiyah


Inspecting Khamisiyah


The Pubic inquiry





Desert Storm Activities


Destruction of Munitions at Khamisiyah ASP


UNSCOM Investigations at Khamisiyah


The Public Inquiry


Potential for Exposure - Plume Analysis


Who Was at Khamisiyah


Tab A: Acronyms/Glossary





Tab B: Units

The following table shows those units, and reported total personnel strengths, which have been identified by investigators as being present during the demolition operations at Khamisiyah ASP:

Units Identified as Being Within a 50 Kilometer Radius of Khamisiyah ASP (4-15 March 1991)


Tab C: Bibliography

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Last Updated: October 12, 2023
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