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Other Documents

The classified information related to SHAD was not completely cataloged or located in one facility. Furthermore, The Deseret Test Center was closed in the 1970s. The search for 40-year-old documents and records kept by different military services in different locations was the initial challenge. See the following documents relating to Project 112/SHAD.

Test Plans, Requirements and Cancellations

File Date
Proposed Test Plans DTC FY-70 9/25/1968
DTC Program for FY 72 3/1/1971
DTC Test 71-75 Requirements 3/1/1971
Test 73-12: Cancelled 8/1/1971
Test 73-12-R3: Cancelled 8/1/1971
Test 73-12-R4: Cancelled 8/1/1971
Deseret Test Center Requirements and Proposed Program for FY 73 10/1/1971
Deseret Test Center Outline Plans for FY 74 3/1/1972
Deseret Test Center Outline Plans for FY 75 2/1/1973
Deseret Test Center Outline Plans for FY 75 2/1/1973
Test 73-11: Cancelled 2/1/1973

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