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Shelf-Life Extension Program

The Defense Health Agency administers the Shelf-Life Extension Program in collaboration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and various federal entities, including the military departments, Defense Logistics Agency, Department of Health and Human Services Strategic National Stockpile, State Department, Veterans Affairs, and others. This program is a strategic initiative to extend the shelf life of potency-dated pharmaceuticals within pre-positioned stockpiles, thereby deferring replacement costs.

Key points of the SLEP include:

  • The DHA serves as the central liaison for program participants, facilitating the submission of products for FDA to conduct potency testing aimed at extending product life beyond the original expiration date.
  • Participants of the program are responsible for funding the testing, managing their segment of the program, and in turn, benefit from the postponement of material replacement expenses.

The SLEP empowers participants to maintain rigorous oversight, implement effective inventory management, and identifies opportunities for shelf-life extension within their stockpiles. The program’s ultimate goal is to achieve significant cost savings for participants while ensuring the ongoing availability of critical potency-dated stocks.

For agency participation:

  • Agencies must secure an interagency agreement with the DHA.
  • Access to SLEP (LogiCole) is restricted to information about an agency’s own reported inventory and is not intended as a universal search tool.
  • All test results and data extensions provided by the FDA are designated as ‘For Official Use Only’ and must remain confidential within the agency.
  • Eligibility for program participation is indicated by the listing of an agency’s unit during the LogiCole user registration process. If a unit is not listed, it is not qualified to participate in the SLEP.

For participating military units, please reach out to your agency’s SLEP program manager to obtain account access and inquire about eligible products:

To learn more about SLEP, please reach out to the DHA SLEP Program Manager.

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Last Updated: July 08, 2024
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