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Military Health System

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Gulf War Medical Evaluation Programs

Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation Program

The Department of Defense (DOD) established the Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation Program (CCEP) to provide an in-depth medical evaluation to all eligible beneficiaries who have health concerns following service in the 1990-1991 Gulf War. The following individuals are eligible to participate:

  • 1990-1991 Gulf War veterans now on active duty or retired
  • All members of the Reserve components who were placed on orders by their units
  • Eligible family members of such personnel

To register, please call the DOD toll-free number at 1-800-796-9699.

Medical Follow-Up Program

The DOD and Veterans Affairs (VA) instituted the Medical Follow-Up Program to evaluate veterans with exposures to Depleted Uranium (DU) which have been determined to have produced the highest resultant dosage. 

For more information, visit the VA Website.

VA Gulf War Registry

The VA Gulf War Registry offers a free, complete physical examination with basic laboratory studies to every veteran who served in the 1990-1991 Gulf War. VA’s Gulf War Registry Health Exam alerts Veterans to possible long-term health problems that may be related to environmental exposures during their military service. The registry data helps VA understand and respond to these health problems more effectively.

Contact your local VA Environmental Health Coordinator about getting a Gulf War Registry health exam or call 1-800-PGW-VETS (800-749-8387) for more information.

Obtaining Medical Records

In a joint effort with the Offices of the Surgeons General, the VA and the National Personnel Record Center, we developed an electronic database to cross-reference patient names and SSNs with the theater hospitals and admission dates. Through this database we are able to assist veterans in requesting copies of their hospitalization records. 

For help, you can call 1-800-497-6261 to find out if your inpatient record has been added to the database and to get the paperwork necessary to request a copy.

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$12 Million Awarded for Gulf War Health Research Studies


This press release from the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense announces the award of $12 million for 12 new research projects on Gulf War Illness.

CDC Funds New Studies Addressing the Health Concerns of Gulf War Veterans


This press release from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announces two new cooperative agreements to conduct studies of illnesses among Persian Gulf War veterans.

A comprehensive clinical evaluation of 20,000 Persian Gulf War veterans. Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation Program Evaluation Team.


In response to the health concerns of Gulf War veterans, the Department of Defense instituted the Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation Program (CCEP). Although not designed as a research study, the CCEP provided valuable clinical data. An analysis was conducted of CCEP findings from systematic and comprehensive examinations of 20,000 U.S. Gulf War veterans.

Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans Illnesses Interim Report


President Clinton established the Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses to ensure an independent, open, and comprehensive examination of health concerns related to Gulf War service. This interim report includes four chapters addressing specific elements of the Committee’s charter: outreach, medical and clinical issues, research, and chemical and biological weapons.

Evaluation of the U.S. Department of Defense Persian Gulf Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation Program


In July 1994, the U.S. Department of Defense asked the Institute of Medicine to establish a committee to evaluate the Comprehensive Clinical Evaluation Program. This report identifies the major issues the committee has identified since the first meeting in October 1994

The Persian Gulf Veterans Coordinating Board

Fact Sheet

An interagency board - the Persian Gulf Veterans Coordinating Board - was established in January 1994 to work to resolve the health concerns of Persian Gulf veterans, including active duty personnel and reservists with Gulf service.

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Last Updated: October 31, 2022
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