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Food Handling & Grilling

As pleasant summer weather ramps up, you might be ready to head outside and fire up your grill. Before you do, make sure you’re following proper grilling safety guidelines. According to the National Fire Protection Association, over 19,000 people on average are injured in a grilling accident each year. Don’t be part of the statistics this year! Summer Safety - food

are injured in a grilling accident each year. Don’t be part of the statistics this year!
We put together a list of the 10 of the most important grilling safety tips for you to follow the next time you break out the grill:  

  1. Clean your grill
  2. Cook away from other objects
  3. Place your grill on stable ground
  4. Check for gas leaks
  5. Have a fire extinguisher on hand
  6. Stay by the grill
  7. Keep children and pets away
  8. Know how to safely start your grill
  9. Avoid loose clothing
  10. Shut down your grill correctly

When handling foods in the summer heat be sure to avoid these 10 most common mistakes:

  1. Washing meats in the sink, they may leave germs in the sink and cross contaminate.
  2. Eating raw batter or dough, including cookie dough, and other foods with uncooked eggs or uncooked flour.
  3. Thawing or marinating food on the counter.
  4. Not cooking meat, chicken, turkey, seafood, or eggs thoroughly.
  5. Peeling fruits and vegetables without washing them first.
  6. Not washing your hands.
  7. Eating risky foods if you are more likely to get food poisoning – adults over 65, children under 5, and those with health conditions that impede their ability to fight germs.
  8. Putting cooked meat back on a plate that held raw meat.
  9. Tasting or smelling food to see if it’s still good.
  10. Leaving food out too long before putting it in the fridge.

In addition to maintaining a safe grill, proper food handling in the summer months is important to avoid food poisoning. Be sure to keep your hands and cooking surfaces clean, don’t cross contaminate foods, cook meats to the proper temperature, and put food in the refrigerator so it doesn’t spoil.  

Summer Safety Campaign: Grilling Safety

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Last Updated: August 04, 2023
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